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Relevant Courses

Current (Fall 2022)
CS3001 – Computing and Society
ISYE3770 – Statistics and Applications
MATH2552 – Differential Equations
VIP2601 – Sustainable Megaregions Vertically Integrated Project

Spring 2022
CS1332 – Data Structures and Algorithms (Java)
CS2050 – Intro to Discrete Math
MATH2551 – Multivariable Calculus

Fall 2021
CS1331 – Intro to Object Oriented Programming (Java)
MATH1554 – Linear Algebra
PHYS2211 – Physics 1

Relevant AP Transfers
CS1301 – Intro to Computing (Java)
MATH1551 – Differential Calculus
MATH1552 – Integral Calculus

LinkedIn Learning Courses
Learning C by Dan Gookin – Summer 2022 (C Language)
Advanced C Programming by Dan Gookin – Summer 2022 (C Language)
Java Algorithms by Kathryn Hodge – Summer 2022 (Java)
Functional Programming with Java by Shaun Wassell – Summer 2022 (Java)
Learning Git and GitHub by Ray Villalobos – Summer 2022 (Git)