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CRC Tracker

    A data collection web-scraper built in Python.

    GitHub Repo:

    Visual Results:

    This project collects live data from via the Selenium Python package and stores the percent full attribute in a local SQLite database. The data can then be manipulated via SQL queries and plotted with the Python Matplotlib package, with figures being uploaded to the visual results page nightly via the Paramiko package. The web scraper and database currently run continuously on a Raspberry Pi.

    The CRC Tracker project was motivated by the fact that, while current live data for the Georgia Tech gym fullness can be found online, nowhere can one view trends or historical data. With this project, you are able to do things such as isolate specific dates or weekdays, compare weekdays, or view hourly and daily averages. Since data is stored in a (date, percent_full) format, there are an infinite number of analyses that can be performed.

    For more technical details and to view the documented codebase, check out the project’s GitHub repo.

    Created by Holden Casey in Spring of 2024