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GPA Calculator

    A GPA calculator for university students built with React.js

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    This project calculates a student’s unweighted and HOPE GPA given current GPA, total credit hours, and new courses. The user can add courses to the calculation and specify course name, grade, credit hours, and whether the course is STEM or not, which is factored into the HOPE GPA. This app was built in React.js with Babel to utilize JSX. I also had to use some HTML and CSS to design and style the app. The beta version has been deployed via Netlify.

    The goal of this project was to practice my React skills after taking two LinkedIn Learning courses, JavaScript Essential Training and React.js Essential Training. I first made a sketch of what I wanted to UI to look like and drafted a to-do list with steps that I anticipated I would follow throughout development. This to-do list was not followed directly as multiple new ideas and problems arose during development, but it did serve as a good starting point to jot down my initial thoughts. I also kept a log during development and tracked ideas, issues, and solutions as they occurred in real-time. These files can be found in the Non-Dev/Planning folder in the code repository.

    Some of the most difficult challenges I faced during this project involved dealing with state and hooks in React. However, after finishing the beta version I have a much stronger grasp of this concept than I did after completing the LinkedIn courses. As previously mentioned, a more detailed log can be found in the Non-Dev/Planning files.

    Created by Holden Casey in Fall 2022