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Investment Calculator

    A complex investment calculator in Java.

    Public GitHub Repository:

    The goal of this project was to practice my object-oriented design skills in Java, as well as to practice my Git skills. You will notice that the code structure is heavily object-oriented and includes separate classes for most procedures. This was also the first project I created using Git in my IDE terminal, allowing me to practice using commits, staging, branches, merges, etc.. This code also implements some (although very minimal) functional programming design processes, including the Java Streams API. This was done intentionally to practice techniques taught in a recent functional programming course.

    This is a complex investment calculator written in Java. You can input various starting amounts, variable schedules of contributions, and variable schedules of rates of return. There are multiple ways to view the investment, including a year-by-year option and more simple options. This calculator is complex in that it allows the user to input changing contributions over different lengths of time, as well as different rates of return over a separate set of time periods. Project still in progress as of August 2022.

    Created by Holden Casey in August 2022