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    A simple letter-guessing word game in C.

    Public GitHub Repository:

    The goal of this project was to develop and expand my capabilities in the C language after taking various online courses. Concepts included file input, standard input/output, memory allocation, pointers/arrays, string manipulation, and basic logic/flow control. A secondary goal was to continue learning the non-programming side of project building, such as using GitHub properly, keeping track of changes and bug fixes, and documenting the coding process.

    The first version of this game was written using an external text file as the word bank. This was done to practice the file input mechanics in C. However, I eventually transitioned to keeping the word bank as a 2-dimensional character array within the source code. This slightly cluttered the source code but made the program more transferrable and fixed certain file path issues that I was running into. The code as a whole went through many adaptions as I found and fixed bugs, a timeline of which can be found in the readme file on GitHub. This process helped me develop my own routine when it comes to writing, then testing, then fixing code.

    While other languages may have been more practical or efficient, my version of Hangman was written in C directly after taking two LinkedIn courses pertaining to the C language. I thus chose C to practice the concepts taught in the course, such as memory allocation, which is why some of the code itself may not be written in the simplest or most common way.

    Created by Holden Casey in July 2022