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    Codle is a basic code-guessing game written in JavaScript.

    Public GitHub Repository:

    Codle is a basic code-guessing game that provides users with lines of code from which they must guess the programming language. Lines are given one at a time. The first line is given upon startup, and each subsequent line is given when the user either makes an incorrect guess or uses the skip button. All lines are revealed upon a correct guess. The game currently incorporates Java, Python, JavaScript, C, and COBOL as languages to guess from.

    The game logic was written in JavaScript, with the game interface being designed in HTML with CSS styling. The idea for this game came from the popular “Wordle” game. Any similarities to other code-guessing games are coincidental.

    The purpose of this project was not to create an industry-level game. In that regard, it surely falls far short. Rather, the purpose of this project was to explore basic web development, mainly how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript interact with each other, as well as to learn the syntax and capabilities of JavaScript. Concepts such as functions, variables, constants, switch-case logic, if-else logic, for loops, and, importantly, the document object model were explored and used in this project.

    Created by Holden Casey in April 2022, finalized in July 2022